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Just finished Levi's Baby! Used blue Bernat Lana and yellow Lion Brand Wool.

Just finished another diaper cover - Honey Moon :-) I used natural Bernat Lana and yellow Lion Brand Wool.

Here is my new diaper cover made from Bernat Lana. It's name is Marshmallow Cozy, because it is very puffy and soft.

I worked in short rows on the back between legs, so the cover has more space for bulky cloth diaper.


Same Curly Purly pattern, with a slight jean variation.

"Poppy Blossom" is your basic soaker knit using the Curly Purly pattern. Hey, who said free patterns are no good??

"Red Delicious" is a crochet pattern-less wool cover with two buttons on the front. Carefully felted, it is still somewhat stretchy and practically bullet-proof.
Dry Miracle is my first wool diaper cover I have made for my baby. I was pretty skeptical about the whole wool idea, but miracles happen - the diaper is wet, and the wool cover is dry!

"Mama's Sunshine" is a skortie (shorties with a skirt). Shorties were knit by following the wonderful Belladonna pattern , skirtie was crochet using the diagonal shell stitch. This is the first thing I've ever knit, so I am very proud of myself!