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"Mama's Sunshine" is a skortie (shorties with a skirt). Shorties were knit by following the wonderful Belladonna pattern , skirtie was crochet using the diagonal shell stitch. This is the first thing I've ever knit, so I am very proud of myself!
Must. Have. Must. Have! Oh too cute!

Let's trade! Diapers? Flongies? Mama cloth? Whaddya want?
I already traded this for an Ah May set, darn! I can make Madeleine the same one though! Do you like these colors? I still have this color yarn, but I also have shades of purple/pink and other stuff. Tell me what her color scheme is. Yeah, we can totally trade, I'll take a pad or two. And what are flongies?? :)
I do like these colors. Her general colour scheme is pink/violet, but I do have some orange recycled wool longies and so recently purchased some orange & brown tops to match. So this yellow/orange should match.

Either the pink/violet or the orange/yellow would rock!!! :) The measurements from that other pair are good. Will they last the summer? I hope so!

Cool. We can email off-comm for the specifics on the mama cloth. Flongies are just fleece longies. :)
Awesome! Give me a week or two to make them, I am still kinda slow with knitting. As far as mama cloth, I am not picky at all, anything would work (I haven't started my stash of it yet). So I'll let you know when the skirtie is done :)